Welcome to the site of the Anglo-American Section of the Salesian School of Beirut.

We are very happy to invite you in to help us write even a small part of the history of the School through interviews, anedoctes, old school newsletters or yearbooks, pictures and whatever you remember of those years.You probably had a best friend and would like to know what happened to him or her, played in the soccer team against the other two sections, or were a member of the Scouts Section of Bro. Dell, we’re sure that something is still in a corner of your head and ready to spring or pop out if the right button is triggered.

You can write to us at this address ([email protected] – Anglo-American Section Salesian School of Beirut) and tell us what you think, give us your suggestions or even give us a hand to get the site up and running.
The Content Management System that runs this site is very easy and simple and we’ll be very glad to explain how it works if you’re interested but above all it is what you remember that matters and any writing style will be fine.

So, back to the “blackboard” and keep us posted!

Fran├žois Sargologo
Serge Kher
Diego Friso