Dear friends, on the occasion of the closure of this year’s Luleaa Art Biennial LAB11 in Sweden, I am sending you some images from the exhibitions. The event was well visited and offered the opportunity for many interesting debates.

I presented the work “OUT OF FOCUS“, 2011
Please watch the following video sequence (by a visitor of the exhibition):

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Concept and explanation

“Out of Focus” by Salah Saouli

“Out of Focus” presents a vision of a city at a crucial moment of transition. Located somewhere between fantasy and reality, real and virtual, the images move in an intercrossing between past and present and draw the observer into an almost physical engagement. They transport a mythical realm and simultaneously invite a mental reconstruction of a former urban landscape.

Far from being a nostalgic reconstruction, the installation is an attempt to touch the mythical atmosphere of urban life in the heart of the city. The projections are given a pulse effect through a continuous and rythmical process of alternating sharp and unsharp images, of coming and going, receding and advancing, almost as breathing walls. A syncopated rhythm will be created through the mirrors and the resulting twisted images. The work has an infectious effect on the observer who feels drawn into a confined space of the masses of images surrounding the imagination of the urban fabric.

“Out of Focus” presents a flood of continuous mono-images, a movie of momental repetitions.

Technique: 4 Video sequences each 8 sec. in loop.

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