Dear art friends,

I would like to invite you and your friends to our exhibition “20 Jahre Thomasburger Kalender” in the Stadtgalerie Lauenburg, on Thursday 6th. Sept. 2012, at 7 pm.

The exhibition presents silk screen and other prints for a new art calendar 2013. Each artist will present one or two additional works. I will be showing my work, “False Heroes”.

 “False Heroes” A project by Salah Saouli

The year 1958 in Lebanon was marked by a crisis that lasted three months and made the deep going rifts in the society clear. The country had fallen into chaos through the conflict between different groups who all were influenced by the regional geopolitical situation and its players.

The inhabitants of several quarters of the city of Beirut armed themselves and descended into the streets ( Barricades) . What followed was a period of militant euphoria and intoxication by violence. Different groups tried to assert their power through an ostensive display of their arms. The resulting iconography bears witness to the importance of self representation in times of armed conflict.

This brief period of violence was brought to an end with a compromise, that failed to solve the fundamental issues of the conflict. 17 years later, this led to the outbreak of the disastrous Civil War. At the end, there was no winner, only a large number of victims, who lost their lives in vain.

Best Regards,
Salah Saouli