Great reunion last August 21, under the great big sky : it was time for a rare and special show.

The spectators were holding different viewing items : eclipse glasses, made with paper, manufactured ones, designer ones, even sold by those who wanted to make a couple of bucks, even welding ones.

Others had taken shoe-boxes, cut out a gap, covered it with aluminum foil, pushed a pin through it and watched the eclipse reflected through the pinhole onto white paper on the other side of the box.

More had saved recycled cereal boxes and made holes through them to watch the eclipse ‘safely’. Ritz crackers held facing the sun projected the eclipse’s shape onto white napkins.

Buckets of water reflected the eclipse clearly in their ripples, while trying to contain the breeze to minimize the ripples. All tried and true, and now the promise that this spectacular event will take place 7 years from now.

The light here in North Carolina got dimmer, as in the light in an old movie with darker tones, the temperature dropped, the clouds vanished and the cicadas were confused: to sing or not to sing?

For once the great human reunion under the sun star and moon was peaceful and memorable.

I looked for the moon last night and could not find it…
Leave me alone‘ she said, I have done my job. ‘Humans are never happy‘.

Indeed Moon, indeed.


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