Derivation and Houses for the Wind…

by | 26/08/2017

I would like to share some images with you from a project I have just participated in Denmark. I realized two art works in the frame of “Aarhus European Capital of Culture 2017”. The project was organized by Kunsthalle Viborg and took place in two different villages close to Aarhus city (Denmark). Within this frame I realized the two projects “Derivation” and “Houses for the Wind”.

Saouli Salah

Derivation, 2017

by  Salah Saouli (Voldby)

The art work “Derivation” is made of ca. 90, red painted roof laths and constitutes an anarchistic organ. Situated between construction and sculpture, it is reminiscent of an architectural model. However, it rather resembles the de-construction of a house, appearing familiar, yet remaining elusive.

Creating a contrast with its surroundings through color and form, the object creates a dialogue with the environment.

Technical details:

Ca. 90 roof laths, each 4 m long. ca. 4 x 6 cm thickness

Size of object ca. 15 x 4 x 6 meter

Houses for the Wind, 2017


by  Salah Saouli (Udby- Udbyhoj)

The work consists of the essential elements of a house, walls, columns and a roof, lined out with basic lines. Standing in an open, windy space in the middle of a meadow, the sculpture looks like a line drawing in the landscape. An ephemeral construction, it is open for wildlife, birds and humans to explore and creates a link between the built and natural environment. 

Technical details:

Roof laths, 4 x 7 cm. 5 houses of different sizes, the highest 6.5 m.

Place: Between the two villages Udby and Udbyhoj, close to the main road