Dear friends and colleagues,

I would like to invite you to the open air exhibition on water, “Duck Residence” at Søndersø, Viborg, Denmark. The event is organized by Kunstforum Viborg.

The opening was on 16th June, the exhibition will run till 19th August.

I am showing my work “Red Tent“.
If any of you are visiting the area, I hope you’ll enjoy it.
Instagram: kunstforumviborg

Best regards,

Red Tent

A Project by Salah Saouli

The project Red Tent represents a gesture of welcoming. A re-used tent is painted in bright red colour and placed on the surface of the water on a wooden board. The tent as a provisional dwelling place is traditionally related to nomadic life and is here a metaphor for the contingency of human existence. The red colour stands in contrast to the surrounding nature and while it could signify danger, it is also the colour of the “red carpet”, a feature that welcomes honoured guests. The red tent invites human beings regardless of origin and animals alike to share an experience of communality and reconnect to nature.

Size : tent’s size ( about 260 x 220 x140cm)

The Gallery is at the bottom of the page, just Click and Go…

Further exhibitions:

Hommage à Marwan” at Galerie Pankow, Breite Strasse 8, 13187 Berlin

The exhibition remains open till 28th July.


Truth is black, write over it with a mirage’s light
Second Exhibition of the 30th Anniversary Celebration of Darat Al Funun, Amman, Jordan

Opening on Tuesday, 3rd July, the exhibition remains open till 4th October.

Darat al Funun- The Khalid Shouman Foundation
Moh’d Ali Saadi St. Building No 9
Jabal al Weibdeh
Amman 1183, Jordan